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My Top 3 Fave Blogs


As Realtors, it is important to be constantly learning so we can be consistently upgrading the way we do business. Technology is advancing rapidly so in today's word this is a must. In today's blog post I am going to give you my top three absolute favorite bloggers to read (some real estate related, some not) that help me grow, learn, and improve both myself and my business because I believe that goes hand in hand. Enjoy!


The Phoenix Real Estate Guy: Always up to date, sharing insight and information on the very latest real estate topics.

Kris Vallotton's Blog: It is pretty much impossible to go to his blog and not leave inspired. I'm just going to leave it at that.

Business Insider: I think there is a reason why this blog is currently ranked #3 on the list of "15 most popular blogs in 2017." This ones a must.



There you have it!


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Six Quick Tips - First Time Buyers


On today's blog post, I am going to give you 6 Quick Tips to make the first time home buying process a whole lot easier!

1. SAVE SAVE SAVE. I don't care if you 15 years old or 45 years old, if you aspire to become a homeowner one day, start saving now. Yes, there are loans where you do not need to put any money down but there are more expenses that pop up that you may not be aware of. Don't forget that you, as the buyer, will probably (not always as it is negotiable) be paying for your own appraisal, home inspection, closing costs, repairs, ETC. Don't forget about the cost of furnishing your home.

2. Yes, you should be able to trust your Realtor's advice, but do your research, read up, and educate yourself. The home buying process should not and does not have to be stressful or strung out.

3. Fix and build your credit.

4. Know what you want. Know everything you can about every area of your town before you even contact a Realtor. Nobody can know what type of town is ideal for you except for you, and if you don't know what is out there then you may make the wrong decision.

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Think of it this way: The more questions you ask, the smoother the transaction. You want all parities involved to be on the same page at all times.

6. Last but not least, ditch the websites your using to search for a home. I have buyers call me all the time who are interested in a home that they found on, Trulia, Zillow, etc. and when I look the home up on the Multiple Listing Services, I find out that even though the home appears to still be Active or "For Sale" on those sites, it is actually already sold. Those websites are not very updated. For an accurate home search, you can visit my website which is connected directly to the Multiple Listing Services. So basically, what only Realtors can see, now you can see too through my website. :)

Common Questions: Low Ball Offers


How low of an offer can I write on a property?


It's up to you! I always say, it doesn't hurt to ask. Knocking 5% off of the listing price usually is not too big of a deal. If the home has been on the market for a long time, you may be able to get a better deal. If the seller is extremely motivated to move and needs a quick sale, you might end up with a killer deal!

Beware of Bad Advice


Dear first time home buyer,

Trust the professional! The cautious of any advice you receive from someone who is not in the Real Estate industry. Many people feel that they know everything there is to know about this popular subject. Don't be persuaded by well meaning friends or family members who are convinced they know what they are talking about because they have sold a few houses on their own before. Realtors have sold thousands. Trust the Professional who is representing you and have confidence in your own decisions.

Common Questions: Do Buyers Pay Realtor?


When I am buying a home and go through a Realtor, do I have to pay them?

No! The seller takes care of the commission. They pay for both the agent who represents the buyer and for the agent who lists the home for them. Usually agents will charge a 6% commission fee to list the home...half will go to the buyer's agent and half will go to the listing agent. Lately, it has been more and more common (especially around where I work in the Portland area) for listing agents to charge a discount such as 5 or 5.5 percent to list the home then only give the buyer's agent 2 percent and take the rest for themselves.

Common Questions: What Does Your Realtor Do


What does your Realtor even do?

Everything! Well, almost everything. Hiring a Real Estate Agent is a fantastic investment for a home seller (buyers do not pay the agent's commission- the seller's pay both the listing agent and the agent who is representing the buyer). Your agent is your most valuable asset when buying a home and arguably they are your most valuable asset when selling as well. They will educate you to make sure that you area aware of what all your options are, and help navigate you to the right one. They will be your legal representation. They will guide you through the process and smooth out any bumps that come about in the transaction.

Common Questions: How Much is a Home Downpayment


How much money do I need to put down on a home?


It all depends on what kind of a loan you have. If you get a USDA loan, you will only be able to buy a home that is in a rural area (prices are usually way better on the outskirts of towns anyway) but you would be able to put no money down. There are many different loans out there, which is another reason to speak with a lender BEFORE you begin your home searching process. The home you are interested in may not even take the kind of loan that you are going to get qualified for.

Common Questions: What is a Good Deal


What is a good deal when buying a home?


The best way to see if a property is a good deal or not: COMPS. Pull up (or have your Realtor pull up) comparable properties. Properties that have similar criteria to the one you are interested in that are also in the same area and see how much those are selling/have just sold for.

Common Questions: Credit Score to Buy a Home


What kind of credit score do I need to purchase a home?


I would say a 620 or higher. The higher your credit score, the better your lending terms will be. This is not a for-sure thing though, there are many lenders who have unique loans out there now days.

Common Questions: Home Buying Timeline


How long does it take to buy a home?


It depends. My generic answer would be around 30 days. However, in the real estate market where I live at this point in time, appraisals are taking ages to get back and inspectors are so booked up that it is taking much longer for them to get out to the houses as well- both of these things force the closing date to extend. It isn't uncommon to take up to 60 days even right now. Crazy, I know.

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